Welcome to the REAL DEAL Podcast! I’m Greg Kiraly, and I am thrilled to be your host! This is going to be quite a different podcast than you are accustomed to. The purpose is to offer real-world practical advice on MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP, that will allow you to achieve the highest levels of performance, all based on what I’ve seen, heard, and experienced over 35 years in corporate America.

My commitment to you is a clear, concise, weekly delivery of best practices and guidance, based on first-hand experience and observation. And because I love public speaking and being bold, you can expect a direct, no holds barred style of communication, designed to both INSPIRE and ENTERTAIN you!

If you are responsible for people, money, and performance, and are accountable for delivering results, then this is THE PODCAST for you! Whether you are at the entry level or the executive level, allow me to serve as your experienced, passionate, and inspiring LEADERSHIP MENTOR and MANAGEMENT GUIDE.

After almost three-and-a-half decades in corporate America, it’s time to pay it forward. As an engineer, manager, and corporate executive at four, multi-billion dollar corporations across the US and Canada, leading on the arena floor, not in the stands, I’m ready to speak my mind and share the lessons of a truly diverse, corporate lifetime, with those of you brave enough to accept the risk of leadership. From the construction ditch to the executive suite, I have successfully navigated the corporate bureaucracy, building and leading teams of thousands, managing billions of dollars, and delivering the results that customers, employees, and shareholders expect. By far, what’s been most rewarding, is the privilege I’ve had of working with and mentoring dozens of leaders that have achieved remarkable success, both personally and professionally.

LEADERSHIP is doing the right things. MANAGEMENT is doing the right things right. EXCELLENCE in both are of critical importance in being successful in business, whether you’re working in a large corporation, a small business, or a non-profit. I will share dozens of examples, stories, and experiences designed to be descriptive of what to do, and what not to do, in order to avoid pitfalls, learn, and to put you on a path to achieve success.

Topics of discussion will include everything from “how to run an effective meeting” to the ever challenging “how to get that promotion.” We’ll explore a wide array of both managerial and leadership skills including decision-making, delegation, talent development, performance reviews, accountability, communication, humility, and integrity, just to name a few. Additionally, thoughts and insights will be shared on organizational structure, strategy, project management, culture change, and a whole host of organizational issues. I will share personal experiences in the workplace, lessons learned, tools and techniques to engage employees and have them want to follow you into the fire! Use me as a resource to navigate your career, make sound decisions, and to get excited about work again!

Do you have the boldness, leadership courage, and confidence to do what’s never been done before? If you want to be an authentic, credible, and respected leader, delivering outstanding business results year after year,  and most importantly, be an inspiration to those around you, then “The REAL DEAL” IS FOR YOU! If you want to get pumped up and feel great about getting up in the morning looking forward to an awesome day at work, and to be confident that you are achieving success and adding value to peoples’ lives, then subscribe to “The REAL DEAL” with Greg Kiraly.

The REAL DEAL Podcast is in the works and will be coming real soon! I’ve got the first three episodes recorded and submitted to Apple and all of the podcast directories, so stay tuned, as the debut is right around the corner! You can subscribe right now through my website on the bottom of each and every page, as well as through the podcast directories when it’s approved. Additionally, I will send out a direct mail message to all subscribers as soon as its approved and available for your listening pleasure. Thanks in advance for your support. I am committed to your success!