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The Accountability Ladder

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#012 - Are you a victim or are you accountable? Do you wait for things to happen or do you make things happen? Your success in life, both personally and professionally, depends on whether you’re a victim hanging on to the bottom rung, or own your decisions, circumstances, and outcomes, standing (figuratively) firmly on the top rung.

The Keys to Landing your Dream Job

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#011 - Do you have a dream job at a dream company? If not, listen now for the key strategies and actions to produce a track record of progression and achievement that will dramatically increase the probability of your success.

Be the boss you wish you had

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#009 - What kind of boss would you rather work for more than anyone else? Who would you lay on the tracks for? Who would you run into the fire for? Who would you take the hill for? Run through a brick wall for? I haven’t had a perfect boss. I haven’t been one either, not even close. The perfect boss doesn’t exist, however, if you could define one, what would he or she look like? What would they be like?

“Yellowstone” Leadership Lessons

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#007 - I love the television series “Yellowstone” from the Paramount Network.  It just might be the greatest series since the Sopranos - and that's saying something.  I don’t watch it for the leadership lessons, but we sure got some last Sunday.

Stand up to Bullies

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#006 - Here’s the advice I’ve given to all my kids throughout their lives.  If you let people walk all over you, they will. In the end, stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and stand up to bullies.

Proud to be an American

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#005 - Happy Independence Day America!  It’s a day to show pride, acknowledge and celebrate the sacrifices of others and the progress we’ve made, and most of all, a time to be grateful for all that we have, especially the freedom we enjoy right here in the good ‘ole USA, at least for now.

The Pain of Discipline

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#004 - When you ultimately reflect on your life, will it smack of success, accomplishment, and fulfillment? Or will it ring hollow with the echos of disappointment and what could have been?