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Don’t Let Politics Permeate Your Life

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Don’t let politics permeate the workplace, dominate your life, and harden your heart. People’s beliefs of what is right and wrong have never been more clear, yet we still need to get work done, to run the business, and most importantly, to enjoy our lives with friends and family.

Managing Up

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How's your relationship with your boss? Are you meeting his or her expectations? You may know how to deliver the goods, yet it's critical to have a solid relationship with your boss, the boss' boss, and other superiors on the organization chart.

Resumes, Curricula Vitae, and all that Jazz

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Your resume, or CV as they call it across the pond and elsewhere, is your professional sales pitch. It’s literally the single most important marketing document you could have. Does yours have what it takes to get noticed? To stand out in a crowd? To get you the interview?

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and the state of Belonging

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The best teams I’ve ever led or been associated with were the most diverse teams - diverse in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, background, education, and experience.  Anyone can create a diverse team, but can you foster an inclusive environment? An environment where everyone feels they belong, and where everyone feels that their unique contribution is valued?

Be the boss you wish you had

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Bosses leave an indelible impression in our minds that we literally hold onto the rest of our lives.  They forge a path for us, or they don’t.  They help develop us, or they don’t.  They have our backs, or they don’t.  They can literally determine the trajectory of our entire professional career and to some extent, the degree to which we are successful.

A Blueprint for Success for the New Executive

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Congratulations! You’re a new executive! You must be thrilled! Do you think you have what it takes to be successful in this new role, simply because you were successful in your last one? Do you have a plan? Your boss and the senior executive team are watching you, and rest assured - they’re expecting big things from you.

“Yellowstone” Leadership Lessons

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I love the television series “Yellowstone” from the Paramount Network.  It might just be the greatest series since the Sopranos.  I don’t watch it for the leadership lessons, but we sure got some last Sunday.

Stand up to Bullies

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Ever been bullied in the workplace? Yelled at? Embarrassed in front of others? Talked down to? Set up deliberately? Had your career threatened? If you’ve been in the workplace long enough, it’s bound to have happened to you. There are actions you can take to “deal with” bullies.